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Dresses With Dignity

We are passionate about enabling wheelchair users to become independent with personal care of toileting at special events.

We believe that you should look good and be comfortable and confident with everything your body has to offer. 

Our collection is designed to help people move through life with dignity and independence. All our dresses are crafted with care and consideration, ensuring that they meet the specific needs of our clients.

If you or a loved one could benefit from our collection, contact us today to learn how we can help.

Waterford School
Disability Expo

2023 Occupational Therapy Show

Jean's Sparkles recently showcased our Dresses With Dignity Collection at the Birmingham NEC 2023 Occupational Therapy Show, where we received high praise from our peers for our innovative approach to promoting independence and dignity.

We understand the challenges of dressing independently, toileting and self care and we take pride in incorporating our adaptations to our beautiful dresses that not only meet their needs but also make our clients feel confident and beautiful.


We are genuinely overwhelmed by the positive response we received by our peers at the show strengthening our commitment to making a difference in the lives of as many wheelchair users and clients undergoing treatment whilst attending a special occasion event.

Check out our images from show


Shelley Williams
Group Event Director
Closer Still Media

Jean Sparkles showcased their dignity collection at The Occupational Therapy Show 2023.  The collection was stunning and functional.  I was enchanted by the thought that had gone into these beautiful dresses.  Everyone deserves to feel special, and Jean Sparkles has given every woman the excitement of not just looking, but also feeling amazing.  I am always extremely busy at my show but, when I saw the Jean Sparkles stand, I had to stop and look at the dresses as they are so special, not just to look at but, also what they represent to women, it gives so many people independence and dignity.

Image by Corinne Kutz

Jean's Sparkles listens and hears the wheelchair user 

Do I wish my massive shoulders were a little smaller?

No, they’re a part of me. They’re how I get around.

Do I wish I wasn’t covered in scars?

No, they’re a part of me. They’re what have gotten me here today.


It’s that tug that gives me the gumption to put on the beautiful dress and wheel around in my flashy chair.


But whoever is listening to me upstairs. I wish it was easier to get my fabulous dress off when I have had a little bit too much to drink. That I don’t have to ask my bestie, mum, or auntie to help. Showing everything, I’ve got.


Yes, I would like to be able to go into that shop, fall in love with the dress and think will I be able to get away with that in more ways then, I hope I can pull it off. 

No matter what your body looks like, you deserve to feel good about yourself. That’s why I dig the body positivity that Jean Sparkles is evoking in wheelchair users.

We have adapted dresses to aid independence with dressing, toileting and undressing so you are independent from the beginning to the end of the night. Where you can have access to toileting, and your stoma and enable access to self-cationization. Using the wheelchair transfers you are confident and independent with day-to-day. In dresses and sets that help you embrace and accept every part of you. Plus, ignite your individual and unique fashion choices and style. Difficulties and how your body works and doesn’t, and may I say it as a registered blind Occupational Therapist disability.

But don’t worry we have a team of fantastic seamstresses that do the needlework. So, yeah, I get it. When you look different and can’t do what everyone else can do so easily.

Dresses for wheelchair users while navigating the inevitable trips to the toilet on a special occasion. Plus, the very important need to feel good, both mentally and physically in what you wear — doesn’t have to be frustrating, or difficult and requires assistance on a night out to help you with toileting. 

So after over twenty years of experience as an Occupational Therapist in a full, diverse and I will add an enjoyable OT career. Working predominantly in the Physical OT setting, with all conditions ranging from Parkinson's, Stoke, Bariatric, Amputees, and Oncology, I have found a passion to share my knowledge, skills, and ideas more than ever. To develop a clothing range of beautiful special occasion adaptive dresses for wheelchair users. 

White Sequin Prom, Debs, Pagent Dress

That enables independence with dressing and undressing that incorporates day-to-day toileting transfer techniques. The wheelchair user is confident and independent completing from their wheelchair to toilet at home every day. Straighten your dress, put your lippy on and go and party with the best of them.

Designed with on-trend fashion for the beautiful wheelchair user toilet transfer and abilities in mind. After all, we are all unique and not everyone accesses the toilet the same way. But we all want privacy and to be able to do this independently. 

At the end of the day, how you feel all starts with you. Becoming comfortable in your own skin and wheelchair does take time.


Plus, life has a way of throwing obstacles in our way. But were made of stronger stuff, and we have had worse facing us than a button or impossible-positioned fastener. Tom Cruise would find it impossible.


Jean Sparkles can help get the confidence you need to flaunt your stuff, put on that dress and wheel in front of a full-length mirror and think. Tonight, I will be using my day-to-day toilet transfer I am independent and confident with the opening, material, and sequence I have practised and won’t have a nightmare using it to go to the toilet from my chair on my own.


To help remind me that I am hot and deserve to feel that way.


So, if Tom Cruise asks for my number or wants to buy me a drink. I can well, think about it

White Sequin Prom, Debs, Pagent Dress

Aims Of Dresses With Dignity

  • To develop a clothing range of beautiful and modern special occasion adaptive dresses for wheelchair users.

  • That enables independence with dresses that incorporate day-to-day toileting transfer techniques. That the wheelchair user is confident and independent completing from their wheelchair too toilet every day at home. 

  • Provide bespoke and tailer made adaptive alterations using a range of closures that suit the individual needs, condition, and range of movement. To aid independence with dressing, undressing and with personal care of toileting threw out the night.

  • Provide dresses that can enable access to stoma care threw out the night. That do not disturb or disrupt the stoma when wearing the fabulous dress.

  • Provide dresses that can enable self-cauterization threw out the night.

  • Provide dresses that enable the wearer upper body to be covered and dignified when sitting on the toilet, self-cauterising and provide stoma care and management. 

  • Provide one to one assessment to enable a client centred service. To ensure all requirements are meet and independence achieved. 

  • Share my knowledge, skills, and experience with wheelchair users, family, and friends.

  • Improves mental health, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-identity. 

  • Access to fashion embracing individual style and identify. 

  • Enable access to social events and inclusion in society.

  • Improve social interactions and access to events that give the wearer something to look forward too, helping them enjoy life and all the fun things it has to offer.

Wear Your Confidence

Confidence looks the best on you — if you don’t bring it, you won’t be feeling or looking your best.


Which is a major area Jean Sparkles is trying to help you achieve. Confidence in your day-to-day transfer and in the adaptive alterations of the fabulous dress that suit your individual needs and aids independence with personal care of toileting on the night. Through velcro, zip, snap, magnetic and faux closures, and internal pull-loops. Whatever works best for you we can add it so you have less time in the toilet and more time on the dance floor.

If you’re panicking about finding formal wear that works with your chair and considering “regretfully” declining the next wedding or special event, take a deep breath and remember that you can look stellar while seated. Remember there is no reason your chair should keep you from being the star of your next occasion.


Your evening should be about fun and celebration, not restrictive dresses, or frustrating and awkward periods in the toilet. Simply, looking good and independent is as important as enjoying your night and your life.

White Sequin Prom, Debs, Pagent Dress

Activity Analysis 

Breaking down the task incorporating dress adaptations to enable independence with dressing, toileting using day-to-day toileting transfer techniques and undressing. So, that the wearer is independent from the beginning of the night, throughout the night with toileting and at the end of the night with undressing. 

Dressing & Undressing

  • Place dress on lap

  • Undo zip at the back of the dress.

  • Open the dress as you would open a page of a book.

  • Place arms threw the dress.

  • Bring the sides of the dress around to meet with the fascinator. 

  • Join the fascinator or whatever range of closures that suit the individual needs, condition, and range of movement together.

  • If using a magnetic or Velcro closure place material together and close dress.

  • If using a zip retrieve the loop that is attached to the zip.

  • Place the loop over the shoulder.

  • Take hold of the loop again and pull in an upward or forward direction to bring the zip up to close the dress.

  • The wearer's upper body is fully covered which provides dignity and privacy when attending to the toilet using lower body dress/toileting adaptations.

  • To get undressed from the fabulous dress revise the sequence.

  • Retrieve the loop that is attached to the zip placed under the dress. 

  • Bring the loop down the dress.

  • Open the zip fascinator.

  • Or open the magnetic or velcro by pulling the back of the dress open.

  • Bring dress through your arms, jump into bed and dream about Tom Cruise. 

Side transfer using a banana board and side entrance full-length zip. Off-the-shoulder dress.

Provide upper body coverage and positioning of the dress by using a see-through bra strap.

  • Park the wheelchair alongside the toilet.

  • Slip (Left) arm threw see threw bra strap.

  • Retrieve the loop from the bottom of the dress. Fastened to dress with Velcro so doesn’t get trapped in wheelchair wheels.

  • Open dress fully with left side zip loop.

  • Retrieve the banana board.

  • Leans to the right side laterally to shift weight onto that side and place banana board under the bottom. 

  • Transfer on to and off the toilet using the banana board. 

  • Keeping the material to the right side 

  • When in the wheelchair bring material over the bottom and join the front and back of the dress together.

  • Zip the front and back of the dress together.

  • Take the left shoulder out of the bra strap. 

  • Straighten your dress, put your lippy on and go and party. 

This opening enables the wearer to attend to a stoma and self-cauterization in a seated position. Open the dress fully and the wearer can place material across the stomach. So full access to stoma and self-cauterization.

Transfer on to the toilet with either step around or side transfer from wheelchair to toilet.


Open the dress from the zip/fascinator by opening it at the bottom of the dress.

  • Once seated on the toilet.

  • Gather the bottom of the dress loop and bring the loop up to the knee.

  • Lean to the strongest side laterally to shift weight onto that side.

  • Use the loop to open the zip to the waist.Bring yourself onto the toilet.

  • Lean back to sit fully on the toilet.

  • Lean to the side and use loops to zip the dress together over the bottom.

Transfer to the toilet with either step around or side transfer from wheelchair to toilet.


Open dress from waist zip.

  •  Retrieve the loop and lower the zip at the waist over the bottom.

  • This opening can be to the knee so the full bottom area is open.

  • Lean back to sit fully on the toilet.

  • Lean to the side and use loops to zip the dress together over the bottom to the waist.


  • Stoma care dresses with dignity. Dresses that are flattering but not tight to the body that could disturb the stoma 

  • Dresses for women who have undergone a mastectomy breast cancer surgery. A breast mould is placed in the dress to the breast where mastectomy surgery was undergone. ​

  • Wears medical devices IV’s cannulas, and diabetic monitors. They are protected but not on show or show if the wearer wishes. But not going to be disrupted or displaced.​

  • Embellished comfy bum dresses so were can still have all the embellished shebang of a dress but not sitting on rhinestones to protect skin and provide comfort. While sitting in the wheelchair for long periods in the night.​

  • Stroke survivors dress with weak arm support. Weak arm placed in a sling of the same material as the dress to provide comfort, and prevent shoulder displacement and positioning.​

  • Burn patients’ seamless dresses made of silk and woven fabrics to wear under special occasion dresses. Designed to hold dressings in place, compression scars and healing, regulate body temperature, and provide a comfortable texture on tender and burned skin.​

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