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White Prom Dress

Aims Of Dresses With Dignity

  • To develop a clothing range of beautiful and modern special occasion adaptive dresses for wheelchair users.

  • That enables independence with dresses that incorporate day-to-day toileting transfer techniques. That the wheelchair user is confident and independent completing from their wheelchair too toilet every day at home. 

  • Provide bespoke and tailer made adaptive alterations using a range of closures that suit the individual needs, condition, and range of movement. To aid independence with dressing, undressing and with personal care of toileting threw out the night.

  • Provide dresses that can enable access to stoma care threw out the night. That do not disturb or disrupt the stoma when wearing the fabulous dress.

  • Provide dresses that can enable self-cauterization threw out the night.

  • Provide dresses that enable the wearer upper body to be covered and dignified when sitting on the toilet, self-cauterising and provide stoma care and management. 

  • Provide one to one assessment to enable a client centred service. To ensure all requirements are meet and independence achieved. 

  • Share my knowledge, skills, and experience with wheelchair users, family, and friends.

  • Improves mental health, self-confidence, self-esteem, self-identity. 

  • Access to fashion embracing individual style and identify. 

  • Enable access to social events and inclusion in society.

  • Improve social interactions and access to events that give the wearer something to look forward too, helping them enjoy life and all the fun things it has to offer.

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